2015 Year in Review.

Where to even begin? I guess to simply put it, 2015 was just all around amazing year. What made it so amazing were all the incredible and fun couples we got to work with. Without you, none of this would be possible with what we love to do. So, thank you! Thank you to all who took us on to join you on your very special day, and to be along side with all your friends and family. That right there is truly special to us. To let us be there to capture all your memories.

This past year was also a year of firsts. One very notable "first" was having my fiance, Kristen, join in on this adventure with me. Over the past year, she developed a huge interest in photography, most notably to weddings and engagements. We made the decision early on to have her come along and to see what it was all about, and also to learn and gain as much experience as she could. She ended up being a part of all but one wedding that we had this year. Speaking for myself, I could not be happier with our decision. Kristen was able to learn and grow, and in turn, provided some amazing support and photos. She also took it upon herself to book some family sessions and a lifestyle session to help in her learning.

We also were able to book our first same-sex marriage in 2015. An opportunity we both were excited to be offered. It was an awesome experience, and for it to be a wedding for an old friend of mine, made it that much for special. In 2015, love won.

Aside from our usual work load, we were able to get out and travel a bit too. We attended a wedding out in what has to be my favorite city, San Francisco. A gorgeous ceremony and reception capped off that weekend. We also visited a place we both were really looking forward to, Burlington, Vermont. This city did not let us down one bit. The food and scenery made it all worth the drive north. We will be back, to both cities.

Kristen and I are very much looking forward to what 2016 has for us. Meetings and bookings with couples are already in full swing. We hope to take on more weddings than we ever have before. We are also looking forward for an opportunity to travel for a wedding. Whether it be a neighboring state, or cross country. We just want to hit the road with our camera gear and experience new people and places. This is definitely a big goal for us. Also be on lookout for a name/logo/website change as well!

We have a lot to look forward to for 2016. What's not to get lost in all that we have going on is our own wedding planning! June 11, 2016. Get your butt here already! We can't wait to spend this day with all of our family and friends and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

2015, peace out! Thank you for everything.

2016, you are ours! Time to make this extra special.


Dan + Kristen