Billy & Shannon's Engagement Session.

Good evening everyone! Happy to share with you all the first engagement session of 2015. Also, I am very excited to say that this was the first time my fiancé, Kristen, joined me on the shoot. She has expressed an interest in learning a little bit about photography, getting behind a camera, and assisting me with weddings and engagements. This year we are going to take the steps to try and make this happen full time. It would be an thrill for me to be able to work beside the one I love while being out capturing the special moments that make up a wedding day.

Billy and Shannon were an absolute blast to work with. The chemistry they have between each other is unmatched. They were naturals in front of the camera and had no problem being themselves. I love it when it works out this way. They also might have been the most entertaining couple I’ve been able to work with.


We started out on the campus of the University of Saint Joseph and then headed across the street to Elizabeth Park. Both spots located in beautiful West Hartford. Spring was in full swing and we were treated with gorgeous weather and awesome backdrops for the shoot.

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as we did shooting it.