Just about a year ago Kristen and myself finally made the trip out west. The destination, Colorado. You may be asking yourself, why are we just getting around to sharing our trip with everyone? I think one word best describes it. Life.

Just after we returned from our vacation, it was full steam ahead in packing our up lives and getting ready for our move into a new house. That in itself was enough to pull us away from getting to these images. Soon after, our wedding season really kicked into high gear, thus putting any personal work in the back seat. Holidays, work, etc.. as I said, life.

But finally we're here. We're back on the blog to share it all with you. Now, this wasn't just any trip out west. This was a trip about six years in the making. Six years after my sister decided to pack up her own life, and make the move out to Vail, CO. Now I had helped her make the drive out there. But it was November, and I only had two short days to stay before turning back around. Not enough time for me to take in any of what Colorado had to offer.

I sure am glad we had the opportunity to make the trip back. From Boulder to Vail. Aspen to Rocky Mountain National Park. We definitely tried to cover as much as we could. Marcy, and her boyfriend Scott, were nothing short of gracious hosts, cooks, tour guides, and of all, great company. Nothing more to say really, except thank you once again.

To the photos! It's a bit of a cliche, but I'll let the photos take it from here. Usually the case when you are able to visit such beautiful locations.