Dan & Kayleigh's Wedding Day.

It seemed as if every time I went to use my camera in the month of October, it rained. Wait, I take that back. It POURED. Unfortunately, this day was no exception. However, Dan and Kayleigh were incredible troops about it. They were not going to let a little bad weather put a stop to their special day.

The day began in their hometown. They had a quick first look at the bride’s grandparent’s house, followed by a trip to City Hall building in Hartford. Here we were able to get all the family and group shots down while staying dry. At this point I actually became somewhat of a “second shooter”, as there was another photographer from the DJ company who joined in on the fun there and into the ceremony. It was actually a great experience being able to work with and around someone else. We were able to bounce ideas off each other, and work off each others poses. It also helped having back up with trying to capture such a large wedding party.

The ceremony was held outside at the beautiful Wickham Park in Manchester. I think everyone had either said a prayer, held their breath, or had their fingers crossed because the rain had decided to take a quick break long enough to keep the ceremony somewhat dry.  Afterwards, everyone was ready to get out of the wet weather and head to Maneeley’s for the reception and to let the party begin.

The night was wonderful. Dan and Kayleigh were absolutely great to work with. I wish them the very best in their future together.