The Travelers

Prague, Vienna, Dresden, and back again. Those were our destinations. Our itinerary, completely up in the air. A different pace when compared to our honeymoon. We traveled through these three cities with our good friends Kevin and Chelsea. Good company to wonder the cobblestone streets of Prague, see some of the grand buildings that make up Vienna, and the old-new city of Dresden (I say old-new because most of the city was reduced to just rubble during WWII).

Heading into this trip, none of us knew what to expect. We all have heard great things, but at least to me, had a very vague idea of what these cities were all about. Let's just say, there wasn't a bad serving of food, nor a bad pint of beer, or an unfriendly soul throughout this entire trip. Every bit of this trip helped win all of our hearts over. Places untouched by time. It was incredibly easy to just pick a place, have a cup of coffee or a glass of beer, and just take in the culture and watch the city.

Easily some of the most welcoming and in turn, favorite cities we've been fortunate enough to visit. A spot that will have to be put on a "Return to" list. We cannot recommend either of these cities enough.

Ok, sorry. No more talking. I could sit here all evening going on about this trip. I'll just step away from the keyboard and let the photos take over.

Na zdravĂ­!

Dan, Kristen, Kevin, and Chelsea.