A Trip to Vermont.

Up north. A direction I always love to head in. This time the road took Kristen and I to Burlington, Vermont.

We are used to making our way up through the White Mountains, the neighboring state to the east, New Hampshire. This was out first time truly visiting The Green Mountain State. We have always heard of the good food, good beer, and great views. What as there to lose? Nothing! Vermont did not let us down in the slightest.

We spend our days walking the streets of downtown Burlington, taking in the sights and sounds of Church Street Marketplace. We took a brew tour and visited a few of the great breweries Vermont has to offer. Getting lost on back roads and taking in the scenery while we hunted for covered bridges. A trip to Heaven, a.k.a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory, and finishing off our stay kayaking down the Lamoille River.

It was a trip that was well deserved and needed. We definitely will head back up, as there was still so much more to do and see.

Vermont, thank you! We will see you soon.