Axe Man Redux

In honor of Halloween, I give you a special edition to "Throwback Thursday." I brought this series back to life and updated the photos to my current look and processing. I did some wacky editing back in the day. We all do. I definitely feel this look adds a lot more to it and is a better fit to the overall mood of the story. I did this shoot five years ago with two good friends of mine. This was the first photoshoot of its kind for me, and we all had a blast doing this, and quite honestly, I wish I had time for more of these.

For a split second I was hesitant to post these to my website though, given that the nature of our work is mostly weddings and engagements. But nahhh. However, these photos have been around for quite some time now, and mostly have been viewed by many I know.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the new rendition of Axe Man. Get your Halloween spirit on!