Tony & Kate's Wedding Day.

Hello everyone! We are excited to bring to you this wedding day which belonged to the duo made up of Tony and Kate. We can’t say enough about these two and their outgoing, enthusiastic personalities. Both with friends and families to match as well, the whole day was upbeat and full of fun. Now I have known Kate for quite some time. We were pretty much classmates together from K-12. Kristen also knew her one of her younger brothers, and graduated high school with him as well. It was great to catch up on all things as we spent the day with them.

The wedding day itself was beautiful. It was a nice, typical, late summer/early fall day in New England, perfect for the outdoor reception held at The Pond House in Elizabeth Park, located in West Hartford, CT. All the seasonal flowers were in bloom and provided an ideal backdrop for the day.

From the reception to the ceremony, the speeches and first dances, to the cake cutting and more dancing, the whole day went on without a hitch. To summarize, it was perfect.

To Tony and Kate. Thank you both for having Kristen and I be a part of your special day. May you two have a wonderful life together.