Chris & Francesca's Wedding Day.

Last November, we were fortunate enough to spend the day with such a super sweet couple. Chris and Francesca. The opportunity to be alongside them during their wedding day is one we shall not forget. Francesca and Kristen actually have had some history together, forming a bit of a friendship back in their college days. But as life always seems to take over, they both fell out of contact as the years moved on. You wouldn’t think that was the case though, as these two pick it right back up as we all began to meet about wedding plans, and shortly after, shooting Chris and Francesca’s engagement session, and eventual wedding. It’s always a little bit extra special being able to reconnect with someone and on such a significant day.

Chris and Francesca spent the early part of the day getting ready in their respective homes in central Connecticut. A church ceremony, followed up by one heck of a reception held at The Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, CT. Making it just in time to capture some amazing moments between the two as the sun set over the lake.

All in attendance were unbelievable, and made the night one giant party. The night also had probably two of the better best man/maid of honor speeches we’ve heard in a while. When you’re able to bring out tears from laughing, reminiscing, and back again, you’ve done it right.

Anyway, on to the photos. We hope you all enjoy looking through and sharing in Chris and Francesca’s special day, just as much as we did in being a part of it.


Dan & Kristen