Corey & Kristina's Wedding Day.

We’re happy to bring to you all our last wedding from the 2017 season. This is always a bittersweet moment as our season is at the end, and we enter into the downtime of the winter months. However, our final wedding was a special one. One that helped close this season out with a bang.

We were excited to travel down to Florida for this one. Corey and Kristina’s special day was held at the Bahia Mar, in Fort Lauderdale. Now, a quick backstory here. I’ve known Kristina and her family for a better part of 20 years now. Only related through a marriage, however, we’re as much of a family as one would be through blood. My sister and I, Kristina and her brother,  always introducing each other to others as “cousins.” Not because it was easier, but because it was right. We’ve all had such great times growing up, hanging out, and vacationing together. So being able to not only attend her and Corey’s wedding, but to also be a part of their special day, is certainly fortunate.

Back to the wedding at hand. A beautiful, warm Florida day. The ceremony held out back in a private garden overlooking the bay. A perfect spot for such an occasion. Cocktail hour under the sunset closed out the outdoor festivities, before heading indoors for the reception. After a few hours of capturing the first dances, speeches, and cake cutting, our camera’s went down as the party turned up.

It was great to see and catch up with Kristina and her parents, who had moved to Florida a few years back. Also partying and hang out for the weekend with all our families who had travelled down from Connecticut and New York was certainly a blast, too.

We’ll leave you with the photos now. Thank you, thank  you, thank you, to Corey, Kristina and both families. For having us there for your wedding day in more ways than one.

Dan & Kristen