Dave & Maggie's Wedding Day.

Early on in the month of September we had the opportunity to shoot our first out of state wedding. The location, Maine. More specifically, Peaks Island, just off the coast of Portland. Dave and Maggie were the two wonderful people that invited us along for their wedding weekend. Let me tell you that these two were the most compassionate and free spirited people we’ve been fortunate enough to work with. Their affection shined throughout the day, not just for each other, but towards friends and family alike.

We arrived in Portland that Friday afternoon. Our arrival was early because this little city has won our hearts over a handful of times already, so it was only right that we visited our favorite spots for lunch and some drinks. Now while we got to spend the entire wedding day with them on Saturday, we were also able to hop on board their rehearsal dinner cruise Friday night.  Close friends and family gathered for what was a scenic cruise in and out of the harbor and its islands, topped with some epic speeches by parents and friends during one beautiful sunset. More drinks and good times ensued back on shore throughout the many bars downtown.

Their wedding day continued on with this wonderful trend. The ceremony taking place on the beach under a make shift alter made from drift wood. The dinner and reception held under the night sky, and inside, at the Lions Club. Dave and Maggie’s vision for their day came together beautifully and without any sort of hitch. The love, smiles, tears, laughs, and cries are all the ingredients to make for one special wedding day.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Gus and Ann. Family friends of the groom who accommodated our stay on the island and welcomed us into their home for two nights. Come to find out that Gus is a former native, right from our home town of Berlin, CT! This is one small world. No wonder we felt right at home with them.

Dave and Maggie, congratulations once again! We are super thankful that you had us along for your special day, and in such a beautiful place.

Take care,

Dan and Kristen