The Honeymooners.

So, I am going to try and keep this as short and simple as possible. There are just way too many photos that I'd rather have do the talking than myself.

This is our honeymoon.

Where did we go? On a sixteen day trek that took us through Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Paris.

What did we see and do? EVERYTHING!

On a more serious note here...

To have the opportunity to go do what we did was just incredibly fortunate. Kristen and I had the absolute time of our lives. Traveling across Europe just immerses you in a literal time capsule. All the art, history, architecture, and culture, some of which that has survived over 2,000+ years, just puts you in a visual and mental overload. To see what humans were able create from an idea and accomplish with nothing more than their bare hands really puts life into some perspective. I really hope we were able to capture some of that feeling through our photos.

Well, here they are. Enjoy the journey. Thank you soo much for taking the time to look!


Dan and Kristen